Resources to share

Resources to Share (R2S) believes collaboration is key for businesses to raise productivity and capitalise on opportunities that would enable them to compete on the global stage.

As Singapore’s first resource sharing platform for businesses, Resources to Share enables businesses to maximise resources, to lower the cost of adopting new technologies, and to build collaborative business partnerships.

Shared Resources

3D Printer

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CNC Machine

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Security & Marketing Robot

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Inspection Robot

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Mobile Live Guard Tour System

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Virtual Guards

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Why Join?

Maximise Resources

Turn underutilised resources
into a new revenue stream.

Discover New Partnerships

Connect and collaborate
with other companies.

Minimise Risk and Cost

Determine the suitability of
a resource before investing.

Jennifer Lim

" The platform allowed us a new avenue to promote some of our security services such as our mobile surveillance and robots. "

Christine Dilidili

" We managed to get some extra income from sharing the 3D printer which was underutilised, and also adhoc 3D design services. "

David Chow

" Resources to Share is a great way for us to make full use of our training rooms and generate additional revenue from idle assets. "